Quote of the Day – Nov. 28

Today’s quote comes from something I’ve been pondering for awhile which I plan to elaborate in a future blog post. “DON’T TRY TO DIM MY LIGHT BECAUSE YOURS IS TURNED OFF.” It sounds harsh but in reality it really isn’t meant to be. We all have a purpose and at a certain point in life we should have a vision on how to achieve that purpose. So if I’m walking in my purpose, doing what I love etc., don’t be that person sitting on the sidelines criticizing, and/or gossiping but not walking in your purpose. Please don’t be that person who focuses all of his/her energy on what someone else is doing that you miss your blessing. This is the time to “live” and not simply to “exist.” Focus on your purpose so that you can be a blessing to someone else.

So if your light is off, I challenge you to turn it on, refocus on you and don’t worry about everybody else.

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