Healing from a Heartbreak: A Journey to Focusing on You After a Break Up Book Cover (Coming July 2020)

My book cover is finally finished! I am so excited (and nervous at the same time) that “Healing from a Heartbreak: A Journey to Focusing on You After a Breakup” is coming July 2020.

I wrote this book five years ago and let it sit in my inbox. However, this is my year to take a leap of faith and release my work. This book, rooted in God’s word,  helps millennial women heal from hurt associated with romantic breakups, by providing encouraging words to move forward and live their best lives. If you’re a guy, there is something that I believe you can take from it too. It’s all about healing and living the life God has for you.

As I reflect on past relationships that did not work out, and how I dealt with the process of moving forward, I wish that I would’ve applied some of the tools in this book. This book highlights some of the lessons I learned to heal, and my prayer is that it will help someone.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can pre-order my book!

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