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I used to wonder why (negative) things happen to me. I’d often asked “God why me?” I even said it to my counselor a few times when recalling traumatic events in my life. One day my counselor said to me, “Why not you?” I’ll be honest that I didn’t like the question at first because who really wants to go through pain, sorrow, or heartache? Who wants to feel defeated or discouraged?  I don’t think anyone is excited to volunteer for x,y,z challenge.

As I grow closer with God, I understand that everything I’ve gone through (and continue to go through) is not for me at all. It’s for me to share my story with someone else to help him/her get through the same thing I overcame. That is why sharing your story is important. This doesn’t mean hop on social media and spread your business to world (unless God tells you to). Discernment is key when determining what to share, when to share, and who to share your story with. I’ve learned there is also freedom with sharing. Some things I thought I would take to my grave, but God has been able to lift some burdens from me while helping others in the process. 

We all have stories to tell and there is someone waiting to hear yours. Be blessed!

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