Where Do You Stand with Your 2020 Goals?

Every year I create a vision board (write the vision and make it plain…(Habakkuk 2:2) and this year’s theme was “Tunnel Vision.” I had no idea that we were headed into a pandemic nor did I think that life would throw me curve balls the way it did. However, somehow I stayed focused on my goals. I didn’t allow distractions, the voice of the enemy, or my circumstances stop me from doing what God told me to do. Some of the items I checked off my board are:

1. Becoming an author. I didn’t realize how many people I told that I wanted to publish a book. Glad I finally did. You can grab your copy here.
2. Physical fitness. Wow I can’t believe that I’ve walked over 350 miles since May/June and I’m still going. Consistency is key.
3. I started a business. More details to come with my 2021 launch.
4. Mental and spiritual health. I am closer and connected to God and I talk to a counselor regularly. Also, I want to read the bible cover-to-cover this year and I’ll be done on December 31, 2020.
5. I’m back to performing at open mics. In cased you missed Social Soundtrack’s Soul Care Sunday Open Mic, please click here to watch the recording.
6. I’m already gearing up for my 2021 goals. 

I list these goals not to brag but to encourage you to stay the course. 2020 is not over so how can you finish strong?

Catch Me Tonight at 8 PM (ET) on Black Table Talk
Tonight, I am honored and excited to be on this week’s episode of Black Table Talk to discuss “Pieces of a Wilted Rose.” You don’t want to miss this tonight at 8 p.m. (ET). Click here for the Zoom link.

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